In Grove HR's Recruitment module, you can easily create and edit multiple email templates for all stages, including:

  • Candidate self-apply

  • Offered

  • Rejected

  • Any stages in the hiring pipeline (🌟new feature)

Create a new Email template

  1. From Dashboard, click on the ⚙️ icon

  2. Select Recruitment Settings

  3. In the left sidebar menu, click on Email Templates

  4. Click on + New Template to create

  5. Select the stage (if any)

Best practice: use placeholders to personalize your email and speed up the process.

  • {{candidate_first_name}}

  • {{candidate_last_name}}

  • {{company_name}}

  • {{job_title}}

Edit Email Template

  1. From Dashboard, click on the ⚙️ icon

  2. Click Recruitment Settings

  3. Email Templates can be found on the left sidebar menu

  4. Click on a template to view and start editing

📌 Note:

  • Emails will be sent using Grove HR's email address


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