Setting up a Hiring Workflow will provide your Hiring team with an overall hiring procedure, and can later be tailored to suit the recruitment process for each position.

Set up a General Hiring workflow

  1. To set up a default hiring workflow, go to Recruitment and open Settings.

  2. In Hiring Workflow, there is a list of the default hiring process including both system stages (not editable) and customize stages. The list of stages here will be the default settings for any new job openings that are created afterwards.

  3. Click + New Stage to add a new hiring step or drag and drop a stage to the desired area.

Customize a job's Hiring workflow

When creating a new job opening, you can customize the job posting's Hiring Workflow by moving to the second step. In the second stage, you can add other people to the Hiring team and edit the Hiring workflow if needed.

  1. Go to Recruitment > Jobs

  2. Find the job you want to adjust and click More (••• icon) and select Edit

  3. Click Save & Continue to move to the second stage

  4. Customize the Hiring Workflow as suited

  5. Click Finish to save changes

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