Create & Manage Job Posting

Learn how to create, edit, publish a job opening and manage who has the right to access the job's hiring workflow.

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Create Job

There are 2 ways to create a job opening.

Option 1: On the navigation bar, click the add button and select Job

Option 2: In the Recruitment module > Jobs, click New Job.

  1. After creating, fill in the required fields for job title, employment type, department, office, and quantity. In the description, introduce your company, summarize the essential responsibilities, activities, and qualifications that you are looking for in a candidate, and suggest the way how to apply via email or click apply.

  2. Next, Save and select:

  • Publish for all internal and external candidates to view and apply

  • Internal Use so only the candidates who received the link can view can apply.

  • Draft to future use. Candidates will not be able to view or apply.

3. Add other people to the Hiring team (optional) so they view and take part in the job's hiring process. As a default setting, the admin can view and manage any job.

4. Customize the Hiring Workflow by adding or arranging stages.

5. Lastly, click Finish.

๐Ÿ“Œ Important notes:

  • The person who created the job opening will be the default person in charge (PIC).

  • Admin can now view and manage any job. However, to avoid being disturbed, the admin will not receive new candidate notifications.

  • Only admin and member(s) included in the Hiring team will have access to job details, candidates, and hiring stages.

Edit Job

There are two ways to edit a job.

Option 1:

Go to Recruitment, Job tab. From the Job list, select the job you want to edit and click the More icon (horizontal eclipsis) to choose Edit.

Option 2:

Go to Recruitment, Job tab. From the Job list, click the Job you want to edit to open Job details.

1. Click the Pencil icon at the top-right corner to edit.

2. Update the information.

3. At the Hiring Team & Workflow, add the person in charge and edit Hiring Workflow (if needed).

4. Click Finish when finishing.

Publish Job Posting

To post a job to the company's public career site, change the job status to Published.

Option 1:

In the Job list, click on the Job Status to change it to Published.


Option 2:

Click on the Job Status to change it to Published.


๐Ÿ“Œ Note:

  • To unpublish a job, change the job status to Draft and Closed. New candidates cannot be added for Draft or Closed jobs.

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