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Create & Edit Candidates
Create & Edit Candidates

Learn to create and update candidate profiles in this article.

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Create New Candidate

There are three ways to create a new candidate:

Option 1:

At Dashboard, click the Plus icon > select Create New Candidate

Option 2:

In Recruitment > Candidates > click New Candidate

Option 3:

  1. In the Recruitment > Jobs > click on the specific job for which you want to add a new candidate

  2. Click New Candidate > select Add manually

  3. Fill out form

📌 Note: After a new candidate is created in a job, the job hiring team will receive a notification via email

Edit Candidate Info

There are 2 ways to edit a candidate's info:

Option 1: From the specific job

  1. In Recruitment > Jobs > find and click on the job you want (Ex. Marketing Director)

  2. Find and click on candidate profile

  3. Click the Edit icon to adjust the information

  4. Click Save to update

Option 2: From the Candidates list

  1. In Recruitment > Candidates > find and click the candidate you want

  2. Click the Edit icon to update information

  3. Click Save to update

New Candidate Notification

All hiring members (except the default role Admin) will receive email notifications of a new candidate profile when:

  • Candidates self-apply via the career site

  • Candidates apply via secret email inbox

  • Candidates are added or created in a hiring job

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