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Set up Company Logo and Info
Set up Company Logo and Info
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Depending on the configuration of your access role, you may or may not have access to this feature. Please check with your Admin for access control.

  1. Click the Gear ⚙️ icon on your navigation bar > Company Info

  2. Enter the required (*) field Company Name. Other fields like Company Website, Contact Number, Contact Email, and Company Overview are optional but recommended

  3. Upload logo: you can add one or both dark and white logos

    • The dark version will be displayed on Grove's navigation bar and your company's Career Site

    • The light version will be displayed on Grove's Mobile App

    💡 Tip: Use transparent background images for best results.

  4. Use the toggle button to enable "Show company logo on navigation bar" (optional)

  5. Click Save to finish

📌 Note:

  • Maximum supported file size: 2MB

  • Supported file format: PNG, JPG, JPEG

  • Large images will be scaled automatically

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