Export Data

Make sure you export essentials data and files before the closure on 31 January 2024

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Get Started

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Company Settings

Set up basic Company structures and rules

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Employee Profile

Everything you need to know about managing employee profile

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Streamline and reduce your workload with onboarding and offboarding automation.

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Keep track of attendance easily with precise and easy features.

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Time Off

Create policies, and handle time-off requests from anywhere at any time

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Prepare and review gross payroll calculation with ease with accurate and up-to-date data

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India Payroll Compliance

Configure payroll and calculate from Gross to Net with up-to-date India Law

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Optimize your performance review process - organize and confidently conduct successful evaluations.

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Drive employee growth and development with effective goal-setting and follow-ups

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Streamline hiring process with effective index resumes, applicants evaluation, and profile search

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Store and share company documents with targeted users

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Company News

Get up-to-date company news and announcements

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Distribute employee payslips easily and percisely

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Make HR analysis and employee reporting easier with valuable insights.

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Document Intelligence - Clove

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Engagement App - Sprynkl

A company social network for people to stay connected

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Integrate with powerful tools to help with your HR operations

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Frequently asked questions

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Pricing Plans

Discover Grove HR plans and pricing

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