As a Manager, you can manage Team Reviews, choose who may submit Peer Reviews for your direct reports. When granted access, you can also launch new Performance Reviews and close them.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Launch a Performance Review

Your Admin (or HR) can grant you - a Manager - authorization to launch a Performance Review when they share a Review Template with Managers. Please check with them for further details.

Note that Managers can only launch Org Chart based (i.e. reviews based on the reporting lines) performance reviews.

Step 1: Select Template

  1. Navigate to Performance > Team Review

  2. Click + Launch Review to start. At this step, you can also view the templates shared with you by clicking on View Template

  3. Give it a name, set a review period, and select a review template. You can also view available templates at this step

  4. Click Next

Step 2: Select Employees

  1. Pick out the Reviewees

    • All Employees: all employees are required to participate. If you want to exclude an employee, please add them in the Except Employees box

    • Specific Employees: only chosen employees will participate in the review

  2. Click Next when finishing

Step 3: Set Timeline

  1. Select the review period of each component:

    • Self Review: Employees perform their own self-assessments

    • Manager Review: Managers assess employees and provide summaries

    • Peer selection: Managers selects who can give peer reviews* (🌟new feature)

    • Peer Review: Selected employees review their peers (🌟new feature)

  2. Click Launch and review the timeline

  3. Click Confirm to start

After a performance review is launched, the selected participants will receive email notifications on the start dates to complete the review.

💡 Tips:

  • The performance review will begin on the earliest start date and end on the latest due date, depending on the timeline of components (Self Review, Manager Review, Peer Review).


    • The Self Review schedules to start on 20 Sep 2021 and end on 25 Sep 2021

    • The Manager Review schedules to start on 20 Sep 2021 and end on 30 Sep 2021

    => Performance Review will begin on 20 Sep 2021 and end on 30 Sep 2021.

View and Manage Team Review

As a Manager, you can view, manage and track your direct reports' self-assessments during a performance review and past reviews.

  1. Navigate to Performance > Team Reviews

  2. Select status In Progress (or if you want to view the past reviews, select Closed)

  3. Find the corresponding performance review and click on it

    • In Assessments, you can see if employees and peers have completed their assessment and view their answers. You may also view the response you submitted

    • In Peer Nominations, you can view who has selected and approved peers

    • Overview provides an overall picture of the performance review's Progress & Timeline

Select peers for Peer Review

On the start date for the Peer Selection period, managers will receive notifications to pick the people who can do Peer Review for their subordinates.

  1. Navigate to Performance > Team Reviews

  2. Select status In Progress

  3. Find the corresponding performance review and click on it

  4. In Assessments, click on Select in the Peer column

  5. Enter employee name to add them as peers

  6. View the peers you have selected in Peer Nominations

Close a Performance Review

As a Manager, you can only close the Performance Reviews that you had launched. Your Admin or HR, on the other hand, can close them on your behalf.

You'll also receive an email reminder to close the performance review on the last due date.

  1. Navigate to Performance > Manage Review

  2. Select status In Progress and find the review you wish to see

  3. Click More (or the icon) and select Close

  4. Confirm again close

📌 Note:

  • If a Performance Review is not closed on the last due date, employees and managers can still write Self and Manager Assessment

View & Download results of past Performance Review

  1. Navigate to Performance > Team Reviews

  2. Select status Closed

  3. Find and click the performance review you want

  4. Switch to the Result tab. You can download an excel file that contains the employee’s information and manager summary of the review

  5. To view in detail, click View Result

  6. To see assessments from the employee, manager, and their peers, click on the Assessment tab

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