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How to find my to-do tasks?

When assigned a list of tasks for onboarding or offboarding, you will receive an email notification and an in-app mobile reminder, which will look similar to this:

Now, the easiest approach is to click on the link in the email or in-app notification. Alternatively, you may find them in the To do tab under Checklists module (web version) or To do tab (app version).

Identify task requirements and how to complete it

Understanding task requirements will enable you to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. There are 3 common types you'll be seeing.

1. Checkbox

Typically designed for basic activities that you don't need an updated result, such as reading the employee handbook, participating in company culture training, and so on.

With this type of task, you only need to click on Mark as Completed to finish.

2. Employee Information

Designed to acquire information, this task type requires assignee to fill out missing information in the profile of the onboarding/offboarding employee.

To perform this task, you must first fill out all required fields before marking the task as completed.

3. File Upload

Intended for the purpose of collecting documents such as contracts, personal documents, tax documents, etc this type of task requires assignee to upload a soft-copy document.

You can find the submitted files in the Documents tab under the onboarding (offboarding) employee's profile after tasks validated by an HR in charge.

📌 Note:

  • Supported format: pdf, docx, xlsx, csv, png, jpeg

  • You can only upload one (1) file per task

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