It's frustrating when you're unable to clock in or clock out to record your time. In a time like this, it's best to keep calm and find out what went wrong to address them accordingly. Below is the most common causes:

The clock in option you're using was disabled

With the new feature release, your clock in options might be adjusted to fit your company policies. Here are some of the available options:

  • Web clock in using the manual button

  • Mobile clock in using the manual button

  • Mobile clock in using QR code

If you do not see one of these options, it might have been disabled by an Admin. Please check with them for more details.

You didn't enable location services

You might be required to enable GPS when clocking in if the Geofencing is enforced by your company. Please turn on your location services on your device before clocking or you'll receive the following message:

Not in range

You are either not clocking in at your assigned office or are out of range. Please move as close to the center of your office as possible. If this issue still persists, the Geofencing radius might not have been correctly selected. Please contact your Admin or HR so they can adjust it.

The date and time on your device is not synchronized

When receiving an Invalid clock message, it usually means the date and time on your device are not completely synchronized with global time. To fix it, follow this instruction:

  1. On your device, go to Settings and check whether the date and time are set as Automatic

  2. Switch it to Manual and update it correspondingly

  3. If you are using a browser, clear the cache and cookies and try again

Your attendance was approved

At the end of each Attendance cycle, your line manager will be responsible for approving your timesheet. You would not be able to clock out or edit your attendances if this action was performed during your shift.

We highly recommend alerting your HR to revert your attendance status within the day and clock out. If no further action is taken, you will not be able to clock out.

The clock in feature will reset at midnight so you can still clock in to work the next day even if you did not clock out the previous night.

Your attendance was confirmed

Similar to the case above, the HR in charge will need to confirm your timesheet at the end of each Attendance cycle. If they confirmed your attendance during your shift, the clock out option will be disabled.

You can check whether your attendance has been confirmed or not in Attendance > My Attendance.

Sadly, once attendance is confirmed, it can't be reverted. We suggest reporting it to your manager immediately so they can address the issue accordingly.

If you've checked all probable causes above and none is working for you, let us know the details of what's happening via chat or email us at for the best support.


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