After setting up General information for Payroll, you need to put together a pay cycle. Lastly, remember to set up payroll for your employees. From there, you can easily adjust and manage your employees' payroll.

Set up Pay Cycles:

  1. To begin creating a new pay cycle, click Payroll at the main menu, navigate to the “Settings” tab, and select Pay Cycles. Here, you’ll begin creating an off-cycle payroll run.
  2. Fill in the required fields:
  • Name: choose a name for your Pay Cycle
  • Description: enter information to describe the new Pay Cycle (optional)
  • Effective from: the month in which the pay cycle takes place (only the following months can be selected)
  • Repeat every: this section allows you to adjust Pay Cycles according to your company policy
  • Pay date: enter the Pay Date from which you would like to process your run
  • The person in Charge: add the person who will receive notices to review payroll.
  • Review before pay date: choose how many days the person in charge will receive notice in advance. Here, the default value is 5 days in advance.
  • Criteria: choose an employee group or particular employees to whom the pay cycle applies. The default is for all employees.

3. Click Save to confirm the action.

NOTE: Only one pay cycle is available in this version. For the upcoming Advance plan, you can create many more.

Set up Employee Payroll (For HR)

Once General, Pay cycle and Compensations are established, it's time to set up your employee Payroll.

Set up one by one

  1. In Employee, click Manage employees and click an employee’s name to set up payroll. (Ex. Alta Littel LWD).

2. Switch to Payroll, click on Set up Payroll, and fill in the required information.

  • Pay Cycle: HR needs to choose which Pay Cycle is applicable for each employee
  • Salary: Add the amount of the monthly gross salary.
  • Effective date: select the date for the salary to be paid - generally based on the labor contract dates.
  • Recurring Payments: select the suitable Recurring Payments for the employee and their start/end dates.

3. Click Save to confirm action.

After saving, the components will be reflected in Payroll Details.

Bulk import Payroll

Did you know that you can import employee salaries and recurring payments just by using templates? Click here to learn more!

HR Admin (in charge of C&B) can:

  1. Setup the basic salary for employees: gross monthly salary and available recurring payments. (Recurring items must be created in the payroll settings)
  2. Manually add additional payments as necessary


  • At the end of each month, HR Admin will have to calculate the OT amount manually for employees with OT and key in the data to general the correct payroll export. Grove HR will provide HR admin with the number of OT hours for each employee if the company is using the Time Attendance module.
  • The salary section only allows for gross salary (Grove HR does not support tax calculation as it will depend on each country’s regulations).
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