Managers have the flexibility to set actual working hours based on the company policy and approve the logged time on a weekly or monthly basis.

With the new update, now line managers can easily keep track of employees’ working hours and overtime on the Grove HR Mobile app with just a single tap.

1/ Approve or reject multiple employees attendances:

From Home, click Attendance > Groups Icon > Select attendance cycle > More > Approve or Reject.

Then, select employees, add notes (optional) and click Approve/Reject selected.

2/ Approve and reject attendance for selected days:

In Attendance > Groups, select attendance cycle and tap on Employee name > More. Approve > Choose date for approval > Approve selected.

3/ Adjust your employees' attendances: applies for record within the last 31 days.

In Attendance > Groups, select attendance cycle and tap on Employee name. Choose the date you want to adjust > Edit > Adjust actual working hours and add note > Save.

After adjusting an employee's attendance, line managers can Approve or Reject.

Line managers will be able to see activities history in View Activities if an employee or line managers/HR had edited the attendance.


  • Only pending days can be approved/rejected.
  • Line managers can only approve/reject direct employees.
  • Users can only update the attendance record within the last 31 days (even if Payroll is not closed).
  • Attendance approval/rejection for multiple employees will apply to the whole cycle.

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