Grove HR's Time Attendance allows businesses to track the time their employees spend in the office or on a project. It solves the error-prone and time-wasting issue of manually keeping up with these details in different spreadsheets.

Employees can seamlessly Clock-in and Clock-out right from the Dashboard on Grove HR's website or mobile device and log how long they worked on specific projects or tasks.

For web version

For mobile version

For web version:

You can quickly clock-in to start your working right in your Dashboard. Just look for the Clock in/out section in the right column.

Clock-in at Dashboard

You can also Edit your own attendance by clicking Attendance > MY ATTENDANCE > Edit

For Mobile App:

Scan to clock-in

For contactless clock-in, use your mobile app Grove One to Scan the QR code generated by HR to clock-in real-time.

Swipe to clock-in

One tap clock-in, from Home tap on Attendance and click Clock in/Clock out. Next, swipe to confirm the action.

To make an adjustment on the mobile app, simply click on any pending day and tap the Edit button next to Actual or Overtime.


  • Clock-in overnight is not supported in Free plan. The system will sign you out automatically at midnight.
  • You can only edit pending days in Attendance.
  • You can only update the attendance record within the last 31 days.
  • To use contactless clock-in, the HR in charge will need to set up the QR code feature in advance.
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