GroveHR's Time Attendance feature will help you to keep track of employees’ working hours and overtime in real-time. Line managers will receive a notification one day before the attendance cycle end to review and approve the logged time. Depending on the Attendance Approval Cycle, it can be either weekly (or every 2, 3 or 4 weeks) or monthly.

  1. Approve/Deny attendance for multiple employees at the same time:
  • Go to Attendance > Team Attendance > choose an Attendance cycle.
  • Revise your team attendance carefully to avoid any unwanted mistakes.
  • Next, select the employees you want to approve and click the Approve button on the right.

Caution: This action will apply to the whole attendance cycle.

2. Approve/Deny an employee’s attendance one by one:

a. Go to Attendance > Team Attendance > choose an Attendance cycle > Click on an employee name.

b. View attendance dates and their components:

  • In/Out: the exact time when an employee clocked in and out.
  • Work Schedule: total hours an employee is expected to be on the job.
  • Actual: the actual amount of hours an employee has worked.
  • Deficit: the scheduled hours he/she didn’t complete.
  • Overtime: the hours an employee worked that is beyond his/her scheduled working hours.
  • Status: Pending/Approve/Reject.
  • Note: comment from the employee upon clocking out or editing hours.

c. If the Actual hours had been modified, you can see an edit label next to it. Find out who has adjusted the work hours by viewing that day’s note.

d. Finally, you can approve/deny attendance by checking several boxes or do it one by one.


  • Line Manager can only access Team Attendance.
  • Users can only update the attendance record within the last 31 days (even if Payroll is not closed).
  • HR and Administration have access to both Employee Attendance and Team Attendance. Click here for more information.
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