The Time Attendance feature helps you keep track of employees’ working hours.

Managers or Admins have the flexibility to set actual working hours based on the company policy and approve the logged time on a weekly or monthly basis.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Define General Setting:

  • Attendance Start Date: the first day of a new attendance cycle.
  • Attendance Approval cycle: the rhythm of the cycle, which can either be weekly or monthly. Managers or Admin will need to approve the logged time after each cycle ends.
  • Repeat on: which exact day the next attendance cycle can start.


  • The repeat option is only applicable when choosing the Attendance approval Cycle as monthly.
  • Be advised that there are 2 options for repeating: on the same date next month or the same day of the week.

Person in charge:

Assign HR members, Administrators, or Line Managers to supervise this list. The person(or people) chosen will automatically receive a notification one (1) day before the end of the attendance cycle to review employees’ attendance records.

Note: Only permitted members can be added. Learn how to grant access for a role here.

QR code:

Use Grove HR's real-time QR code generator to avoid unnecessary contacts and help employees to quickly clock in with Grove HR's mobile app.

Select how long (in seconds or minutes) before a new QR code is auto-generated then click Start Generating QR code. To view the QR code, click QR Code screen.

You will need to put up a device (a tablet or computer screen) at a common area like the reception or lobby to project the QR code. This contactless option is highly recommended to avoid spreading diseases in the office.

*** Attendance records can be exported for various purposes. In the upcoming features, attendance data will feed into the Payroll module so that you can automate your payroll.

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