There are two ways to request Time-off on the GroveHR website:

Option 1: At the Dashboard, click on the Plus (+) icon > Create new Time-off request

Option 2: At the Dashboard, go to Time Off on the top horizontal menu navigation.

1. In My Time Off, click New Request.

2. Select the Type to request. The remaining balance of the chosen type will be displayed.

  • Select Single day to request in hours (one day or less) or Multiple days to request in days (more than one full day).
  • Optionally enter a Note and upload a Supporting Document.

3. Click Submit when finishing.


  • After submitting a Time-off request, you can also upload file(s) normally
  • Weekends and holidays are excluded from the Total.
  • Supported file format: PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPEG.
  • Line Manager of the employee will immediately receive an email when the request is submitted.
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