Every leave request created must have a time-off type. The type of time off communicates why the employee is taking time off. Administrators and managers can create any Time off types to fit your company's policies. This article will walk you through how to create new time off.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Set up a new Time-off Type

1. In the Time off, the Settings tab, click Types, and then click New Type.

2. Enter the Type Name and set rules for the type by filling in the required information.

  • Paid Time Off checkbox defines if the type is paid or unpaid time off.

  • Entitlement defines the total number of days employees receive per year for this type.

  • Accrual Frequency defines when employees receive their entitled number of days.

  • Prorate Accrual defines if employees receive the whole entitlement regardless of how many days they have worked in a year or a proportional number of days.

Example: A company set up 12 days per year for Annual leave. The employee’s start date is August 1st. Employee's total working days is 153 days (August 1 to January 1).

Total leave days of that employee

Non - prorated accrual

12 days

Prorated accrual

= (153 days / 365 days) x 12 days = 5,03 days

  • Maximum Carry Over defines the maximum number of days employees can carry from one year to the next.

  • Carry Over Expiration defines when the carried-over days at the beginning of the year can no longer be used.


  • Allow Advanced Leave defines that the employee can request leave in advance.

3. Click Next to continue.


  • The advanced Leave option is only available when the admin chooses Paid Time Off and accrual frequency as monthly.

Define eligible employees

1. In the next step, choose how this type should be granted to your employees. There are three options:

- All Employees: include every employee, except resigned ones, to automatically get this type.

- Full-time Employees only: employees whose Employment Type is Full-time, except resigned ones, to automatically get this type.

- Specific Employees: manually add any employee and they can get this type.

  • To add an employee: Type an employee's name and > Enter.

  • To remove an employee: Click the X icon on the member’s row.

2. Click Save when finished.

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