1. Take advantage of the “1-Click custom field” function

  • You can create your own custom fields to have specific fields to manage your employee records, such as Parking card or T-shirt size.

  • On an employee’s profile, hover over the “Custom Fields” menu on the right and click to immediately create your own custom fields

2. Customize your employee list

  • Add the columns you need in order to analyze the data as necessary

  • Export the lists to make your own pivot tables quickly

3. Resize and freeze columns on all lists

  • Resize the columns to view more data for all list views - this is applicable for all list in Grove HR

  • Automatically freeze the first column to easily scroll through lists with a lot of information

  • Drag and drop columns to the corresponding place for easy managing purposes.

4. Save your lists

Save your employee lists in “Manage Employees” to easily retrieve the information you need without having to filter data every time.

At the top left corner of Employees > MANAGE EMPLOYEE tab, create your view and save it by click Create a view. You can save up to 5 custom views.

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