There are two ways to initiate the onboarding process of a new employee in the form of a checklist.

Option 1: After creating a new employee profile, an Assign Checklist pop-up will appear.

Option 2: Go to the Checklist, in the Onboarding tab, select the employee's name to whom you want to assign checklists, and then click the Assign checklist.

Remember to click Complete Onboarding when employees complete their checklists to view their uploaded files.

Be aware that if you click Complete Onboarding when employees still have not finished the checklist, the remaining tasks will be ignored/ skipped.

After clicking Complete Onboarding, you have to adjust the employees' status manually (Probationary, Active, On Leave).


  • Only employees with Onboarding permission can be selected as HRs-in-charge. He/she will be notified if the onboarding process is off-track and/or when it is completed.
  • Only employees whose employment status is Onboarding will be listed in the Onboarding Queue.
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